The Differences Between Hot Yoga and Traditional Yoga

Are you looking for a unique and challenging way to spice up your yoga practice? Hot yoga is quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of yoga and with good reason. Regardless of whether you’re just beginning yoga or are looking for intermediate hot yoga or advanced yoga options, at The Hot Yoga Spot, our team of instructors has created over 200 weekly yoga sessions between all six of our locations across New York. Sign up today and keep reading to learn more about the differences between hot yoga and traditional yoga and why you should give hot yoga a try.

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The most significant difference between hot yoga and traditional yoga is the temperature. Hot yoga is practiced in a room heated to between 90-105 degrees Fahrenheit.Some styles of hot yoga can be even warmer than that and can include added humidity as well. This heated environment allows your muscles to relax, your body to sweat, your heart to work harder and your mind to become more focused. Traditional yoga is practiced in a room that does not have any added heat or humidity.

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Hot yoga and traditional yoga also differ in the poses that are practiced. Hot yoga can sometimes be a regular yoga sequence but just done in a hot room and we offer a lot of those classes like our gentle yoga, power yoga, flexibility flow and more. However, there are certain types of hot yoga like Bikram Yoga, Baptiste Yoga and Barkan Yoga that follow set sequences or always incorporate similar movements. These classes typically follow a specific sequence that includes timing of poses and breathing exercises so that the class is predictable and you can see yourself improving each time you step on your yoga mat. At The Hot Yoga Spot, we offer a variety of different classes that provide a wide range of postures and yoga styles.

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Hot yoga has a wide variety of physical benefits, including increased flexibility and mobility, improved cardiovascular health, reduction or elimination of chronic pain, increased muscle strength and enhanced balance. It also has mental benefits, such as improved concentration, reduced stress, better quality sleep and reduced anxiety. Hot yoga also increases the calorie burn from a regular yoga classes which makes it an effective practice for getting in shape and living your healthiest life.

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The experience of hot yoga and traditional yoga is also quite different. Even beginner level hot yoga classes can seem a bit more intense than it's not-hot counterpart. People often love the extra challenge added by the heat and it requires a higher level of physical and mental focus. The heat is also great because once class is over, you feel so refreshed, relaxed and accmpolished!

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Hot yoga and traditional yoga have many differences, from temperature to pacing. Both forms of yoga offer many benefits and can help improve your overall health. Whether you're looking for a more intense workout or a slower pace with more focus on breath and balance, both hot and traditional yoga have something to offer. Visit The Hot Yoga Spot at one of our six locations in New York to experience the difference for yourself!

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