Katie R

Katie started taking dance lessons at a young age and began to really focus my attention to ballet. Katie attended the Albany Berkshire Ballet where she had the opportunity to dance with the professional ballet company throughout High School. To further her advancement and experience, she trained with Boston Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet and Walnut Hill.

Katie moved to New York City after receiving a dance scholarship to the Tisch School of Arts at New York University and received a BFA in Dance while performing in various NYC venues. During her time at NYU, Katie took Pilates with a direct student and trainee of Joseph Pilates, named Kathy Grant. This experience inspired her to get certified so she trained at the Kane School in Manhattan. In these past years Katie has found a passion for yoga and barre classes. She decided that with her background in dance and Pilates that obtaining her barre certification was the perfect next step. In late 2013 Katie obtained her certification through Booty Barre.

Katie's classes focus on alignment and working hard while also feeling playful and fun. Expect to sweat and smile!

Katie's Schedule: