10 Ways to Refresh Your Morning Routine This Summer

At The Hot Yoga Spot studio, we believe in the power of a good morning routine to set your day up for success. Here are 10 ways to break out of your old habits, and refresh your morning routine!

Hot yoga and Barre Bootcamp

Hot Yoga

Start your day off with some form of exercise to boost your energy. Our hot yoga classes will elevate your mood and alleviate the stress of the day ahead.

Barre Bootcamp

For those who want a more intense workout, increase your mental focus with our barre classes.

Outdoor Yoga and Cook a Healthy Breakfast

Outdoor Yoga

Outdoor yoga classes are a great option to connect with others and nature, plus you will get to enjoy the outdoors before the heat of the day sets in.

Cook a Healthy Breakfast

A nutritious breakfast nurtures your body while you nurture your mind.

Meditation & Connect with Community  & Social Media Cleanse


Meditating during your morning routine sets aside time for yourself while helping to improve your concentration.

Connect with Community

Surround yourself with people in your community! Starting your day off at one of our classes, or grabbing breakfast with friends will help you feel connected.

Social Media Cleanse

Avoiding social media, or even technology in general, first thing in the morning will help you wake up naturally.

Get an Early Start & Take a Cold Shower & Self Care

Get an Early Start

The best way to fit in all of these morning routine refreshers is to get a restful night's sleep and start your day early.

Take a Cold Shower

Cold showers have many health benefits, such as increased circulation, and will wake you right up! They are also very refreshing on hot summer days.

Self Care

When we picture self-care, it’s normally a glamorous evening routine that includes bubble baths and facemasks. But your self-care practice should start first thing in the morning! Taking care of yourself ensures that you can take care of all of your responsibilities for the day.

Start your morning routine off at The Hot Yoga Spot! Reserve your spot today.