HOT 26 Bikram Teacher Training Immersion

The Hot Yoga Spot in Saratoga. Begins October 2023.

Rediscover the Hot 26 sequence with this study and practice of the postures and sequence with traditional and modern awareness. Areas of study will include posture clinics, including alignment, anatomy, safe modifications, sequencing, cues and instructing, as well as an overview of the history and philosophy of this lineage. This module is suitable for 200 hour certified yoga instructors who wish to instruct the Hot 26 sequence or advance their own practice and awareness. *Prerequisite 200 Hour Teacher Training Certificate and/or instructor approval.

At the completion of this course, participants will receive a certificate of completion and 30 hours of continuing education credits that can be applied to the 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Training with the Yoga Alliance High Peaks School of Yoga.

This immersion will help you to safely practice and teach this lineage of hot yoga with confidence. Find a deeper understanding of the Hot 26 Bikram sequence, gain understanding and confidence to safely practice and teach this sequence in your own voice while maintaining the integrity of the poses.


Location: The Hot Yoga Spot, Saratoga Springs, NY

Lead Instructor: Julie B

Dates: October 14,15 & November 11,12 from 9:30 am - 5:30 pm. Program is four full days of in person instruction, independent hours including required readings, videos and practice. Virtual options and make-up days will be available as needed.

Course Content

Introduction to Hot 26 (sequence, conditions for class, rational and philosophy for 60, 75 and 90 minute practice). Posture clinics for each of the 26 asanas

Study and Breakdown of the sequence, postures:

○ Pranayama & Warm up

○ Standing Balance Sequence

○ Wide legged Standing

○ Hip Opening Balancing

○ Supine Postures

○ Spinal Strengthening Sequence

○ Floor Sequence

○ Seated cool down

○ Purpose of Savasana variations, active, prone, supine and final rest

○ Pranayama techniques and benefits in the Hot 26 sequence

○ Basic Anatomy and awareness applied to postures

○ Sanskrit and English names of asana

○ Verbal cues, modifications and adjustments, in your own words vs scripted dialogue

○ Understanding of the sequence and intentions of postures

○ Questions, peer discussions and perspectives

○ Deepen awareness and practice


$750, $100 early bird discount if registered and paid in full by Sept 1st

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