Anatomy Course

The Hot Yoga Spot in Albany. Date TBD.

This in-depth course at our Albany yoga studio is perfect for anyone interested in the anatomy of the human body. We will cover many topics with a strong focus on skeletal bones and muscles. We welcome all anatomy enthusiasts to join us. Perfect for yoga instructors/students, massage therapists, or fitness professionals.


5 Weekends | 20 Hours

Oct 6,7 | Oct 20,21 | Nov 3,4 | Nov 17,18 | Dec 1,2

Time: 3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Locations: Saturdays at The Hot Yoga Spot in Latham | Sundays at The Hot Yoga Spot in Albany


$350. Includes all training dates and Styles Yoga anatomy workbook.

These training hours can be applied towards Yoga Alliance Continuing Education or Styles Yoga 300-Hour Program.

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Topics Covered

Anatomical Terms of Reference: Learn how to speak and read using anatomical language. By learning words such as dorsal, medial, and ipsilateral, you'll clearly be able to pinpoint locations of muscles, body parts, and aches/pains.

The Skeletal System: By the end of the course you'll be able to locate and name all the major bones of the human skeleton. You'll learn bone names, locations, classifications, and bone markings.

The Spine: Learn more about the vertebral column of the spine including the name, location, and number of vertebrae in each section.

The Ribs: Learn about the functions, locations, and classifications of the ribs.

Joints: Learn the various classifications, functions, movements, and locations of skeletal joints.

Muscles: You'll learn the difference between cardiac, smooth, and skeletal muscle. You'll also learn more about muscle contractions and how the three forms of contraction apply to movement. You'll learn the location, actions, and attachment sites for over 70 skeletal muscles.

Applied Anatomy: Enjoy various activities throughout the course that will put your newly discovered anatomy knowledge to the test. Towards the end of the course, you will break down a yoga pose and tell us all about it (anatomically speaking!).