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Intermediate and Advanced

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What Makes An Intermediate Or Advanced Yoga Class?

If you’ve been attending yoga sessions for a while, or have some prior experience with yoga poses and movements, then The Hot Spot Yoga’s Intermediate Level or Advanced Level classes are likely closer to your speed. Unlike courses designed for individuals who are just beginning yoga, intermediate classes can fall into the category of being any class that has moved beyond the basics but isn’t quite at the advanced level. After you have some experience in the basic poses of yoga, then comes the Intermediate Level classes, which incorporate more complex and intense movements and are essentially the “standard” type of yoga session.

On the other hand, Advanced Level yoga classes are on the higher end of the spectrum as far as difficulty and experience. This type of group fitness class focuses on more advanced or difficult-to-perform poses — such as forearm stand and arm balances — and focus more intently on how the practice of yoga helps shape the body and the mind. Advanced Level yoga classes incorporate more flexibility, strength conditioning, and high-energy movements.

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What to Expect From These Yoga Sessions

At all The Hot Spot Yoga locations, our Intermediate and Advanced Level yoga classes focus on different styles and subsets of this exercise type. With this in mind, every class you attend can vary depending on what type of yoga our instructors are tapping into. For example, if you are thinking about trying out our Baptiste yoga sessions, then you can expect an intermediate hot yoga course (taught in a95 to 100 degree Fahrenheit room) that combines different elements from various practice styles and is more fast-paced. However, if you have some interest in our Iron Yoga course, then you can expect to see traditional elements of yoga mixed with weight lifting.

In general, you can expect these Intermediate and Advanced Level yoga sessions to focus less on descriptions and explanations and more on moving forward and performing the actual exercise movements. While your instructor will lead your group fitness class through an entire routine, you can expect to see and hear less detail on the poses and positions you have grown accustomed to.

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Who Is This Type of Group Fitness Class Perfect For?

Our New York yoga studio’s intermediate hot yoga and advanced yoga classes are, in short, best suited for individuals who are not new to this exercise form and are interested in furthering their knowledge and abilities. If you have a solid understanding of the basic poses and concepts, if you have been practicing yoga for a while now, or if you can feel yourself getting stronger, then it is most likely time to transition into an Intermediate Level class. However, if after a few sessions you feel as though you may not be in the right section, then Advanced Level yoga classes are definitely worth trying out!

Both types of yoga classes are also best suited for individuals who consider themselves to be at a higher fitness level, or individuals who have substantial prior experience with this form of group fitness. Thai type of class is also perfect for you if you are more curious about yoga in general, if you are ready to make a bigger commitment to practicing it regularly, and if you already feel confident and comfortable in a beginner yoga class. Browse all our classes by visiting the location page closest to you, and get started with us today!

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