The Wonders of Water: Creating The Perfect Yoga Retreat at Home

Did you know that negative thoughts and feelings distort the shape of water crystals? Positive thoughts and emotions such as love and happiness create beautiful water crystals by contrast. This is a highly impactful finding since 70% of the body is made of water, and about two-thirds of the earth’s surface is covered by it. Imagine the effect on the molecular structure of water in your body if you think negatively all the time? You will feel negative as the water in your body changes its molecular structure. Experiments done by a Japanese scientist, Dr. Emoto, demonstrated how water structure reacts to positive and negative emotion. This is all the more reason to boost your positive thought process.

It is well-known that yoga has an excellent effect on the mind and helps to enhance happiness. Practicing different poses stimulates the release of endorphins and puts pressure on glands to function correctly to keep you energetic and positive. Besides taking yoga at The Hot Yoga Spot, you can create a yoga sanctuary at home to enjoy the benefits of yoga on a daily basis. By creating a meditative space using water, you can get maximum benefits from your daily yoga practice.

The Yoga Room

When designing this room, think about where you normally feel the calmest. Most people would say out in nature, as opposed to stuck in rush hour traffic. Nature is good for your soul, even medically speaking, and you can incorporate these elements into your home meditation room. First, find a space with a large window to let in light. Fill the space with plants and keep the decor simple. Light walls and no furniture will help to create a calm and relaxing setting.

Then look at other ways in which you can enhance your space. We have already seen that water is affected by our thoughts. However, water also affects our state of mind. It plays a calming and relaxing role, and as such, you should try to incorporate it into your yoga space. If you live in an apartment, consider purchasing a small fountain. If you live in a home and have a garden, both the site and sound of water will create a beautiful effect. You could consider installing a fountain outside your window that can be see and heard during your home yoga sessions. Many types of fountain are available, so you can choose one that fits your style and budget.

The Accessories

Having a great yoga mat is a must. There are a range of yoga mats on the market to suit your needs. The temperature of the room is also important so your body can be comfortable while you meditate and practice. You can also purchase meditation pillows, healing stones, calming artwork and more. All of this coupled with comfortable clothes, and ideally a quiet house, you can go ahead and enjoy your yoga session.

Yoga is a perfect way to keep active and healthy since it is a form of exercise accessible at any age. By planning your home right, you can incorporate the perfect elements in a room for you to practice yoga, including nature itself through the sound of water, and lots of natural light. Stimulate your chakras and enjoy the maximum at-home yoga experience.