It is with my greatest pleasure to share Jessica Fuller's responses to my five WCW questions! Jessica is the owner of The Hot Yoga Spot, 5 yoga studios in the Capital Region of New York! There is so much I could share about her, but she is the definition of BOSSLADY, leadership, community and ABUNDANCE. I had the great privilege of working for her and her team and I am SO grateful for it. A former UAlbany Alum and a Long Island gal like myself, this woman has created more in 30 years than any other woman I know, not to mention the CUTEST little boy too! Take the time to read what she shares because she is someone to listen to! Inspired by you always, thank you, Queen!!

What line of work are you currently in?

I own The Hot Yoga Spot, five hot yoga and barre fitness studios in upstate NY. Find us at

What's your best piece of health advice for women?

I think the most important thing women need to do is make time for themselves. Women often put themselves last, making their significant others and children the priority. Although it is great to care for others and be selfless, you can’t pour from an empty glass. Taking an hour a day for your favorite yoga class, for a walk outside with the dog, for a bubble bath to quiet your mind, etc. will make you a better mother, lover, self. Stop feeling guilty about being good to yourself and start feeling good about making your health, wellness and life a positive experience and a positive example for others.

What's your favorite type of self-care?

My favorite self care is whatever I do to take care of is physical self everyday. I lost a lot of weight a few years ago and realized how much better I felt once I started putting my health first. Now, I make sure that I do one thing (at least) every day that honors my wellness and fitness. Whether it is a crossfit wod, a hot yoga session or a long walk to get my daily steps, there isn’t a day that passes without taking this time for myself. Even throughout my 40 week pregnancy and now with a baby, I still make my health a priority and make sure that I get to a class or a walk/run everyday so I stay in a healthy habit and can continue to feel good and feel good about myself.

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-Lindsay Pirozzi. Purposefully Yogini Blog, 12/6/17