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So you really want to Savasana?

Our instructor, Paul, was recently featured in Om Yoga Journal for a store he wrote about Savasana. The article dives deep into the actual pose itself as well as why it is important what it can do for you and so much more.

A quick excerpt from reading it to give you a little sneak peek- "Savasana will typically be used to close your session and there is a purpose; as there is for every asana. Corpse pose will bring your body back to a state of homeostasis by engaging the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing any remaining muscle tension, and allowing the mind and body to integrate as your blood is circulating to your fully activated systems and your heart rate begins to slow down. The posture is not just a place to rest but a place to rest in peace. Are you allowing your body to rest, relax and take in the benefits of your yoga practice? I must admit that until a year ago, I had taken too many Savasana for granted. "

We suggest clicking the link to read it now. Then, come flow with Paul as he teaches weekly classes at The Hot Yoga Spot in Latham and Stuyvesant Plaza.

Click here to read the article now.