Set Yourself Up for a Great Night of Sleep With This Yoga Sequence

One of the most important things you can do today for a better tomorrow is to ensure you have a good night’s sleep. Setting your future self up for success is possible by doing everything you can to ensure your overnight hours are truly restful and leave you feeling refreshed in the morning. The Hot Yoga Spot, with five yoga studios in New York, can provide the knowledge and skills you need to not only practice yoga correctly, but also to make it work for you while you sleep. Discover a few key poses you can do in order to ensure a great night’s sleep and then view all our class descriptions now!

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Child’s Pose

Being calm and at ease is key when going to bed, and the Wide-Knee Child’s Pose is great for getting your mind and body to this state. The experienced instructors at all our yoga studios in New York will tell you that this resting yoga pose is great for helping you to unwind and for releasing any unwanted stress before laying down for the night. In order to achieve this pose, start by kneeling on the floor and bringing your toes together; ensure your knees are hip-width apart and sink your torso into the ground, with your arms and hands relaxed and stretched out in front of you. You can also try a variation with your arms resting along your legs on the floor next to you. You can add gentle movement to the pose by swaying left and right or even just rock your forehead side to side on the floor for a gentle head massage.

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Seated Forward Bend

Another key yoga pose that is thought to relieve stress and induce a better night’s sleep is the Seated Forward Bend. You can find this calming pose incorporated into the different classes at The Hot Yoga Spot’. In order to get the right stretch, sit down on the floor with your legs straight out in front of you- sitting up straight; from there, bring your arms up toward the ceiling and inhale deeply, reaching forward while exhaling. Focus on bringing your stomach to your thighs as best you can.

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Legs Up On The Wall Pose

It’s important to give the lower half of your body a rest, especially if you spend the entire day on your feet. You’re sure to discover this yoga pose and a lot of other beginner level inversions at a lot of the classes at our yoga studios in New York. In order to take full advantage of this, find a nice empty space on your bedroom or living room wall and place yourself perpendicular to it; sit close to the wall with your hips touching it, and bring your legs straight up so you can rest them on the wall. It’s important to relax your arms by your sides while doing this. You can stay on this pose as long as you want and it will do wonders for your lower body, circulation and more!

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Corpse Pose

Most of our yoga sessions will end with the Corpse Pose, which is designed to promote deep relaxation. You can try Corpse Pose at home before you go to bed to get yourself as relaxed and ready for sleep as possible. Our instructors at The Hot Yoga Spot explain that this pose is achieved by lying down on your back with your legs apart and your arms at your sides. Ensure every part of your body is fully relaxed and without tension, taking several deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

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