New Year, Better You. Tips for staying on track.

Do you make a New Year's Resolution every year and find that you have given up or forgotten it before you've had a chance to see any results? Chances are it is the same part of your life that needs improvement every time so you set the same goal year after year.

The Hot Yoga Spot has put together a list of ways you can stay on track and live your best life. Most of these tips can be employed to help you reach any goal, whether it is losing weight, creating more time for exercise, finding a job you enjoy, spending more time being mindful, enjoying more adventures, or anything else you desire. Make this the year when your resolution becomes your reality by following these helpful hints:

  • Be vocal about your goals. Sharing what you want with those you know is a great way to create accountability and stay motivated. Sharing your resolution can be something as simple as talking with your family, posting something on social media, or chatting with your coworkers at lunch. Letting others know what you are working on will make you more likely to keep working on it (especially with constant encouragement from those who know what you are up to).
  • Write your plan. If you want to be successful at something, you need a clear plan of action. If your goal is to lose weight, start tracking your meals in advance and make sure you are prepared each day with healthy snacks and recipes to stay on track. If your goal is to exercise more, start your week by scheduling time for physical activity. Put something on your calendar each day, just like you would any important meeting, and then show up to those exercise appointments. Most phones and computers come with downloadable apps and calendars that will make it easy to make your fitness and nutrition an easy to follow priority.
  • Track your progress. It is just as important to track your success as it is to write out an initial plan of action. Keep track of your progress so you see hard proof when your effort starts creating change. Seeing results is a huge motivator and once you notice the shift, you will be excited about the hard work. The effort you are putting in will no longer seem like an endless road. Instead, it will start to look like a natural part of a process that works.
  • Get a buddy. Everything is better when you do it with a friend so find someone you know that has similar goals and agree to work on them together. Two minds are better than one and it is always more fun to do something with someone you like. Working out with a buddy or sharing healthy recipes with a coworker is a great way to stay encouraged to keep going and will ensure you both find success.
  • Set attainable goals. If your resolution is to lose 100 pounds in a month or to read a novel a day, chances are good that you won't be able to do it. And not being able to reach your goal is a surefire way to give up on it. Instead, set a goal that you know you can reach with a little hard work. What does this look like? Maybe you start by spending 5 minutes a day journaling on your road to increased mindfulness. After a few weeks, step up your goal with journaling for 10 minutes a day and then eventually work your way up to a few hours a week. Or, set an initial goal of 3 yoga classes a week on your road to exercising more frequently. After a month when you find that you have been consistently getting to your 3 weekly classes, set a new goal of 4 sessions a week and one day where you get outside and walk. As you reach mini goals, you begin noticing the benefits of your effort. You also set yourself up with the mindset that you can do the things you want. Then, set new goals that require slightly more work and keep repeating until you are living the life you love.
  • Stick with it. The only goal you will ever reach is the one you try to reach every single day. If you want to lose weight, you can't just want it and try to make it happen a few days each week. If you want to read more, you can't just hope you have the time one day and pick up a book when you find a free minute. You need to be consistent in your planning and your action to make these goals a priority and to start seeing them as a new way of life instead of a temporary action. Big actions a few times will not create change and lead to lasting results. Instead, small and consistent steps everyday will set you up with the tools to create change and make it part of your life.

“Never give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway.” -Earl Nightingale