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March Madness

March Madness is a great way to dedicate yourself to being present on your mat and in your life. Try new things and switch up your routine to create positive changes in your body and mind. Enjoy all of this while also earning great prizes.

The Hot Yoga Spot has been offering the March Madness competition for ten years and it is always fun for everyone. Each year, the enthusiasm and participation grows and we love to reward you for your commitment. Hopefully, you are already enjoying the physical and emotional benefits of yoga and barre classes at The Hot Yoga Spot. Compete this month and let us spoil you for all of your hard work and dedication.

Join us for our 10th Annual Competition

1) Select the level you are completing at from the three choices below.

2) Complete the classes in your chosen level each week (Sunday-Saturday). You are welcome to take more than one class each day, as long as you complete the correct number and style of classes each week. - Example: The class name must contain the correct word for that class to count toward your requirement. When taking a FLOW class, acceptable choices would be: Yoga Flow, Power Flow, Core Flow, Flow & Let Go, etc. If you are taking a POWER class, acceptable choices would be Power Yoga, Power Vinyasa, Power Flow, etc.

3) Complete the selected level for five weeks in a row (begin any week in March). You may take different classes each week; however the level you are participating in must stay the same. You can attend classes at any The Hot Yoga Spot location.

4) For each week of the tournament you must complete the correct number of classes and the correct class styles for your level. You cannot do a lesser number of classes by combining class types. -Example: If you take a Power Flow class, this would count for a Power requirement or a Flow requirement, not both.

5) Remember that you are responsible for making reservations, arriving on time and checking in at the front desk. If you attend a class but don’t check in at the front desk and we don’t know you attended, it doesn’t count. At the end of week five, email us and receive your prize!

Level 1: 'Get Sweaty' - 3 Sessions Each Week Prize: $10 account credit

1 Flow, 1 Bikram/Barkan/Baptiste, 1 Power

Level 2: 'Hot Mess' - 5 Sessions Each Week Prize: $30 account credit 

2 Flow, 1 Bikram/Barkan/Baptiste/Barre, 1 Power & 1 Vinyasa

Level 3: 'Sweaty Superstar' - 7 Sessions Each Week Prize: $50 account credit 

2 Flow, 2 Bikram/Barkan/Baptiste/Barre, 2 Power & 1 Vinyasa

Extra Qualifiers & Prizes

This year, to celebrate our 10th annual competition, we will have new requirements to play and extra opportunities to increase your rewards.

Buy In

To qualify and receive any prizes, you must leave us a review on either Google or Facebook. You can click the links below to give us a great review!

Cash Out

You can double your prize amount by submitting a testimonial for us to use on our website or social media. All you need to do is email us your thoughts and a photo of you at one of our studios and we will double your prize.