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Making a Mark in the Fitness and Wellness Industry

Meet Jessica Fuller, Business Owner, and CEO at The Hot Yoga Spot, a premier hot yoga and barre fitness facility based in the state of New York.

Jessica Fuller founded The Hot Yoga Spot as a 22-year-old over a decade ago. She wanted to teach people yoga, help them, and do something for the community through her own business. Eleven years later, she is the owner of five studio locations in upstate NY, three juice bars, a CrossFit gym, and founding two franchises in the health and wellness industry. She is still working on projects, one of which is a new fitness gym with a concept that combines cardio and HIIT classes.

When asked about that one idea that worked for her, Jessica says, “Jump before you are ready. This is always how I have operated and made business decisions, and it basically means not to wait for the perfect time but to act when you have opportunities and then work hard to make dreams a reality”.

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