How Yoga Can Help on Your Weight Loss Journey

As we enter into the New Year, many people feel invigorated and ready to take on their health and fitness resolutions. For many people, losing weight is high up on their goals for 2019. If getting fit and losing some pounds is on your to-do list, we encourage you to try a yoga class with us and take advantage of the mental, physical, and emotional benefits that yoga can provide. Read on to learn about these benefits of Yoga, and how they can help you reach your weight loss goals this year.

Yoga Promotes Mental, Physical and Emotional Health

While many people focus on yoga's physical benefits such as it’s calorie burning and strength building power, yoga classes can also help your mental and emotional health as well. It helps to heal your body, mind and soul. During your class, you get to live in the present moment and practice mindfulness. A regular yoga practice can reduce anxiety, decrease stress, improve your quality of life, and improve sleep quality, all of which ca improve your overall quality of live. By promoting mindfulness, yoga can also help you make healthier eating choices, which is arguably the most important part of losing weight.

Lower Stress

When you are under stress, your body produces a stress hormone known as cortisol. This hormone actually triggers your body to store fat. Studies show that doing yoga can reduce the amount of cortisol that is released by your body while decreasing symptoms of fatigue, depression and anxiety. By practicing yoga and lowering your stress levels, you can have less cortisol in your body and store less fat.

Learn Better Eating Habits

Yoga classes can also help you stick to your diet by increasing your overall mindfulness as you move through life. Mindful eating is the idea that you are present with each bite that you eat. You focus on the smell, taste and texture of your food without being distracted by anything else. Yoga has been shown to encourage healthy eating because it naturally trains you to be mindful. If you struggle with binge eating, yoga is a key tool for reducing compulsive overeating. You learn to enjoy the food you eat and make the right food choices without feeling deprived.

Sleep Better at Night

When someone sleeps poorly at night, they are more likely to suffer from medical disorders like high blood pressure, depression and obesity. Yoga can actually improve the quality of your sleep and reduce your risk of developing these disorders. Research shows that doing yoga is linked to falling asleep faster, sleeping for longer and feeling better rested the next day.

Researchers know that yoga promotes melatonin production in the body. Since this hormone is responsible for sleep regulation, it might be the reason why yoga helps you sleep better. By getting more sleep at night, you can actually enhance your weight loss and prevent conditions like obesity.

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Contact The Hot Yoga Spot Today From encouraging mindfulness to reducing stress, there are many ways you can use yoga for weight loss. Physically, yoga helps to strengthen your muscles, boost your flexibility and protect your heart. With a consistent yoga practice, you can take the next step toward reaching your fitness goals. We welcome you to visit our New York yoga studios and sign up for a class online today!