How Yoga Affects Your Brain

How Yoga Affects Your Brain

Yoga has absolutely exploded in popularity and shows no sign of slowing down. Even recently, more people of all ages have caught the yoga bug and are loving the benefits it brings and how it makes them feel. It’s no wonder why, either. Did you know that yoga actually positively affects your brain? It’s true! Keep reading to learn more and enjoy the many benefits of yoga at The Hot Yoga Spot today!

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Lowers Stress & Anxiety

Regularly participating in yoga has well-documented stress- and anxiety-reducing benefits. Millions of people all across the country love yoga for its powerful, relaxing benefits. Many forms of yoga focus on breathing and relaxation techniques. And even the forms that focus on other aspects during the session can still help you lower stress and anxiety much in the same way that exercising does — both release positive neurochemicals!

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Keeps Your Brain Young and Healthy

We’ve all heard about the stress-relieving benefits that yoga can have on the brain, but did you know that regularly doing yoga can help you keep your brain young? A 2019 study found “...promising early evidence that behavioral interventions like yoga may hold promise to mitigate age-related and neurodegenerative declines as many of the regions identified are known to demonstrate significant age-related atrophy.” So what does that mean? It means that if you want to keep your mind young and sharp, yoga may be just what you need!

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Better Sleep

Yoga has also been shown to help people get better sleep. In some cases, yoga is even used as a treatment method for insomnia! “What does this have to do with yoga’s effect on the brain?” you may think. And to that we respond that sleep is a critical part of proper brain function. It’s incredibly important that you get enough rest each and every night to keep your brain function at its best. Therefore, doing yoga regularly and getting longer and more restful sleep has a positive overall impact on your brain.

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Helps Make You Happy

Performing yoga in most cases can literally help make you happier by releasing feel-good chemicals in your brain. During yoga, chemicals like GABA, serotonin, and dopamine are released in the brain. These chemicals have been shown to be linked to feelings of relaxation, content, and happiness. And in case that isn’t enough, a study that looked at over 2,400 participants showed that yoga increases heart rate variability and vagus nerve activity — two factors that have been shown to lead to greater levels of compassion and happiness.

Enjoy The Benefits of Yoga at The Hot Yoga Spot

There are mountains of evidence that explain in no uncertain terms just how great yoga is for you. If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits and changing your brain for the better through yoga, check out our events, class options, and more at The Hot Yoga Spot! We have locations in Albany, Clifton Park, East Greenbush, Latham, and Saratoga!