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How our Barre Classes Can Help You Lose Weight

Are you looking for a fitness class that can give you the results you want? Barre classes are a great way to get moving and they can help you reach your weight loss and fitness goals. Set to upbeat music, Barre pulls inspiration from a variety of exercises from ballet to cardio, and is a fun, joint-friendly way to get in shape. Read on to learn more about Barre classes, and try one at The Hot Yoga Spot today by taking advantage of our new client special!

What can I expect in a Barre Class?

So, what’s a Barre class, anyway? It’s an intense workout that pulls inspiration from several different types of exercises including:

  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Ballet
  • Cardio intervals
  • Sports conditioning

When you step into the room you'll see small weights, mats, balls, and the barre itself. These props are incorporated into the class, and each one plays an important part. Typically, the class is broken up into 4 sections: arm work, leg work, barre work, and core work. Cardio intervals and stretching are also incorporated throughout the class.

Instructors demonstrate the movements, and help adjust your form so you get the most out of each exercise. The movements themselves are small and repetitive, and while some of them may not look like much, they engage your muscles more than you expect and will probably leave you walking funny for a few days!

Because of the low-impact nature of Barre, it can be done at any level, and no experience is required. This makes it the perfect solution for anyone wishing to lose weight, especially those who experience joint pain.

How Barre Helps You Lose Weight

Barre movements provide an intense workout, and break down muscles that will need fuel to be rebuilt. As a result, your body will burn carbohydrates to rebuild these muscles. Both the cardio and the strength training portions of class work together to build lean muscle mass while elevating your heart rate.

Besides the movements themselves, going to class will help you get to know other like-minded individuals working toward similar goals. Finding a community that supports you is a large part of any fitness or health journey. At The Hot Yoga Spot, you'll always enjoy community support, fun classes, and experienced instructors that can provide the guidance you need.

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