HIIT at The Hot Yoga Spot

The Hot Yoga Spot's HIIT is a 6 week program that challenges and pushes you every day:

Designed for all fitness levels, this high intensity training program is a great way to kick start the New Year! Classes work in peak cardio zones and are designed to help you push your limits and change your body while having fun.

In a one hour session you'll go through an emotional rollercoaster of loving your decision to wake up and be fit, followed by doubt as to whether or not you’ll survive, culminating with an epic feeling of kick-butt victory and excitement to head out and seize the day! Expect to laugh, sweat, take a few fun photos, and most importantly, have fun. Because if you don't have fun, what is the point? And if you don't enjoy a workout, you aren't likely to do it again. And the only workout that actually works is the one you do consistently.

HIIT Testimonials:

"As a long-time runner, strength often took a back seat to miles. Kayla’s HIIT program at The Hot Yoga Spot is the best of both worlds—a serious cardio workout combined with body-strength exercises that have vastly improved my overall fitness and helped me overcome overuse injuries, so I’m running happily and pain free for the first time in years. Best of all, HIIT is empowering—you will feel stronger, fitter and more powerful in every aspect of your life." -Sally D.

"The progress I've seen since doing HIIT isn't in how hard I'm breathing but in my ability to keep pushing myself to be better than I was yesterday." -Marcela A.

"HIIT class was the perfect combination of strength training and cardio, and I've been amazed how much it has helped my running! My biggest gain from HIIT class though, was the realization that strength training and building muscle has improved my health, fitness, and confidence more than endless hours of cardio ever did." -Kelly G