Four Things to Look for in a Yoga Teacher Training Program

Whether you want to open your own studio or are simply looking to go deeper into your personal practice, a yoga teacher training program can provide the foundation you need to live a life that's all about yoga. Choosing the right training program for your needs is an essential first step on this new journey. Of course, picking a program can be tough. Here are four key factors that you should weigh when you evaluate a teacher training program.

A Comprehensive Curriculum

If you're looking for your first yoga teacher training class, it's important to look for one that offers a comprehensive curriculum covering different facets of the yoga experience. A well-planned program will offer training on anatomy and physiology, the safe practice of a wide range of asanas, meditation, assisting students, creative asana sequencing and professional ethics.

A Focus on Anatomy

A strong understanding of anatomy and physiology is essential for yoga teachers. Education in anatomy will allow you to lead students in a safe and meaningful yoga practice. It will also help you understand how different bones and joints are involved in a movement. Unfortunately, some teacher training programs omit in-depth anatomy training. Reputable teacher programs, such as the Styles Yoga program at The Hot Yoga Spot, assign students an anatomy manual and provide hands-on instruction in anatomy as well.

A Studio in a Convenient Location

Studying at a studio that is close to your home and that offers a schedule that fits your needs is an absolute must. After all, you're more likely to attend classes if they're easy to get to and are scheduled at a convenient time. In addition, many yoga teachers also complete more than one yoga teacher training program. Having a studio near you that offers a variety of teacher training options is a great way to assure that you'll be able to grow your career.

A History of Success

When evaluating a yoga teacher training program, be sure to ask questions about the studio's history and success stories. How many students have completed the training program? Can the studio connect you with former students who now teach their own classes? Browse a studio's website and social media pages to find feedback from current and former students as well. Studying in a program with a proven history of success helps ensure that you have great teaching opportunities.

At The Hot Yoga Spot, we're passionate about sharing the art of yoga with our students and future teachers. Our teacher training programs are designed to provide the skills and knowledge you'll need to succeed as a yoga teacher in a supportive, welcoming environment. You can register for classes online or drop by to talk with us about the training program that's best for you.