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Find Your Flow: How To Find The Right Yoga Class For You

With the variety of yoga classes available at The Hot Yoga Spot, beginner students and those new to our studios may not know which class they should take first. If you find yourself in this situation, keep reading to learn a bit more about the classes we offer at our New York yoga studio.

1.) Beginner Sessions

Our beginner yoga classes are created for newbies in mind and have a slower flow and more detailed pose descriptions. These are perfect for those who haven't taken a yoga class in a while, or even seasoned yogis who want to slow it down. Beginner level classes include our Gentle Yoga, Yoga Flow, Flexibility Flow, Slow Flow and Yoga Detox

2.) Fast-Paced Flow

For those ready to pick up the pace, try our Power Yoga and Vinyasa Flow class, both of which have faster flows and more advanced movements than our beginner options. If you're feeling intimidated, don't - our experienced instructors are there to help you with the positions.

3.) Turn Up The Heat

If you've taken a heated yoga class before and love the sweaty vibes, you'll find yourself right at home in our studios. We offer Bikram yoga classes which are always at 105 degrees and feature a specific 26-posture sequence every time. Two other challenging sweaty options include our Baptiste Yoga classes, a blend of Bikram, Ashtanga and Iyengar in a fast-flowing format, and Barkan Yoga class, a series of familiar Bikram poses with a vinyasa flow flair.

4.) Workout-Based Classes

In addition to traditional yoga classes, we also have a variety of fitness class/yoga mixes to get you into shape! Our Barre Bootcamp, YOD, Iron Yoga, and Ignite classes feature more exercise-based movements to help you get stronger and increase your endurance. Our Iron Yoga class incorporate light weights, while out Ignite and YOD classes utilize your own bodyweight to have you feeling the burn in no time. Our motivating instructors will lead you from warm-up to cool down, and help with your form for a safe yet effective workout.

5.) Slow It Down

Last but not least, our Yin Yoga is perfect for those looking to slow down and relax! It's our most gentle and relaxing option and focuses on fewer poses and longer holds during a normal class length. Yin Yoga is an excellent deep muscle stretch as well as a peaceful and relaxing overall experience.

Learn More About The Hot Yoga Spot

Interested in learning more? Give us a call or sign up for our introductory special for 1 week of classes for $25, and give all our class types a try for yourself!