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Feelings from Fit to Lead

Fit to Lead is a year long training program through the Baptiste Institute. Participants meet quarterly in person and stay connected via monthly video calls. The purpose of the program is to become a natural leader and educator of the Baptiste methodology and have it become a natural expression of who you are. We will have the ability to powerfully and naturally alter what is possible in our classes and in all areas of our lives.

Last week was the second gathering in Park City UT where we spent the week amongst a community of Baptiste leaders from around the world. There are currently 73 participants in this year’s program and it was the first week we were there together. I attended the week one gathering and Jess joined for week two, participating in her 2nd Fit to Lead program. It was our first time sharing the experience together.

Although we traveled together, slept in the same bed and ate many meals together, we were there to be with our wider Baptiste community. We teach together and are two of the three certified Baptiste instructors at The Hot Yoga Spot and co-creators of the Compass Mentorship Program along with Sheryl, who graduated from the Fit to Lead program in 2018.

The program is based on the Three Practices & Techniques of Baptiste Yoga - Asana (physical practice), Meditation & Inquiry. Over the course of the week, we focused on our own personal growth and development in all three areas, as well as the practice of leading others in those areas. We are working toward mastery as leaders as well as learning from others in their experience of leading.

The generosity of this community in their sharing is unlike any other we’ve encountered. We often see ourselves in others and learn through their experiences. We are more alike than different. We all have our own areas where we want growth or change and are stuck and unsure of how to move forward. The tools that we have access to as a result of the methodology allow us to be a stand for others in their own growth through honesty, authenticity and by holding space for others in their own experience and for that to be reciprocated.

We have benefited and seen the results in our own lives and in others as a result of these practices and techniques and are committed to staying in the work and continuing on a path of growth and development. During the week we were asked to look at what accomplishments we achieved since our week one gathering four months ago (April) and what we discovered was, we as individuals had long lists, that ultimately support the growth and direction we are working towards in our community.

Being in these types of roles and in this work isn’t always easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, We were reminded of returning to the simplicity of the tools, the essential language and always returning to our intention. Whether it be on the mat or off, the Baptiste methodology works.

Written by Tanya and Jess P on the plane ride home from Fit to Lead, August 31, 2018. Experience programming with our Baptiste teachers during weekly classes or by participating in 40 Days to Personal Revolution and Compass Mentorship.