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Everything I Really Needed to Know… I Learned in Yoga


Things in life, as in yoga, are often awkward and shaky before they become fluid and elegant. Practice is the key to moving through that transition. Life is practice. Very few moments in life are a performance. And even those are practice!

Things change. Something that is usually easy & natural for you may challenge you today. Something usually difficult may come with ease the next time you try. Don’t attach yourself to the outcome, but explore it with curiosity.

Be Present.

Be present with your discomfort. Breathe into it. Make friends with it. Find out what it has to teach you. Be present with joy as well. Surprisingly, this also takes practice.

Notice when your mind pulls you away from whatever this moment offers. Pay attention to the kind of stories it tells you. And gently bring your mind back to your mat, to this moment, to this breath.

Let Go.

Let go of your expectations. Listen carefully. Life does not unfold the way you anticipate. Go with the flow.

Let go of your need for comfort and ease in life. Move into fear. You can do amazing things if you try. But you will never know what you can do if you are not willing to fall.

Break into song whenever you have the opportunity. Because, well, why not? Who says you can’t sing in pigeon pose?

Be Kind.

Be kind to every living being, including yourself. Be kind to the earth. Live in gratitude. Eat more plants. Do more yoga.

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-Nicholee F. Plant Powered Passion Blog. 12/13/17