Can Yoga Help With Anti-Aging?

Yoga impacts your body, mind and spirit in a range of different ways. If you are trying to limit the signs of aging, this ancient practice can help. Through your yoga practice, you can limit the effects of aging on the body, relive common symptoms, and age more gracefully by improving common physical symptoms of getting older.

Alleviate Osteoporosis

Unfortunately, one out of three women and one out of five men will suffer from osteoporosis. This disease causes your bone density to weaken, which makes you more susceptible to bone fractures. Yoga naturally prevents this from happening because it is a weight-bearing exercise. It helps to increase your bone density and strengthen your skeleton. For example, weight-bearing lunges like Warrior I, Side-Angle Pose and Warrior II can help build leg and hip strength.

Get Better Sleep

Insomnia is a common problem as people age. One of the best anti-aging benefits of yoga is for helping with sleep problems. Yoga's slow, intentional breathing helps to induce a sense of calmness. By doing yoga before bed, people can fall asleep faster and enjoy a longer, deeper rest. In addition, yoga increases the amount of melatonin in the body, which can also help with sleep problems.

Improve Your Arthritis

Unfortunately, arthritis is a fairly common symptom of aging. When someone has arthritis, they deal with daily pain in their joints. This can make the individual feel creaky and stiff. It can even reduce your range of motion. According to the latest research, a regular yoga practice can reduce the pain in your joints. It can also help you boost your joint flexibility and decrease your inflammation. If you already suffer from arthritis, try to avoid any poses that involve too much weight bearing on your hands and wrists.

Reduce Back Pain

Back pain is another issue people experience as they age. Yoga can actually help with this problem by strengthening your core muscles. When you improve the muscle strength in your stomach, back, hips and legs, it helps to support your spine more. As a result of this added strength and stability, you are able to put less pressure on your spine.

Reduce Your Blood Pressure

Another frequent sign of aging is high blood pressure. One out of three adults has this problem in the United States. Yoga can actually help lower blood pressure, so a regular practice can help improve your cardiovascular health.

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Yoga has many anti-aging benefits. While it helps to reduce the signs of aging in your appearance, it can also help prevent or alleviate physical problems as well. Through a regular practice, you can alleviate aging-related problems like high blood pressure, osteoporosis and insomnia.

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