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Barre Stars at The Hot Yoga Spot

We are so excited to announce that these four ladies competed their BarreFlow certification this weekend. Pam & Amy S have both been teaching barre classes in Clifton Park for years and were so excited for this training so they could continue their education and be even better instructors. Jeannine has been teaching hot yoga at all of our locations since the summer and is a lover of everything related to fitness. When this training came along, she couldn't miss the opportunity to learn all about Barre and start teaching classes. And you might not know Amber yet, but she is a regular student at The Hot Yoga Spot in Clifton Park and a teacher in the North Colonie School District. She has a strong dance background and has been teaching ballet for years. She also loves our barre classes and was so excited for the opportunity to take this training and be able to teach barre herself. You can look forward to getting sweaty and enjoying a lot of barre classes with these ladies!