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4 Things To Expect At A Power Yoga Class

Interested in taking a New York Power Yoga class?. Traditionally known as Vinyasa yoga, this form of yoga was created to promote a classical Indian style form. It typically involves a hot environment, controlled breathing, and other factors designed to build a person up. What's interesting about this form is that it has proven to be one of the most effective activities on both the physical and mental side of things. Not only does it have immediate beneficial effects, but it also promotes a happy and healthy lifestyle that will keep you coming back for more classes. In other words, there are always new things to look forward to in a yoga class. That said, for beginners, there are a few things to expect from a power yoga class that will prepare you to receive the full benefits of a class. With this in mind, let's go over four things to expect at a your first class:

#1: A Mental Challenge

Most yoga beginners believe that a yoga class will offer more of a physical challenge than anything else. Because of this, some beginners who are in good shape from other physical activities feel that they can go breeze through any yoga class. However, many are taken by surprise to see how much of a mental challenge comes out if it. While most yoga positions aren't that difficult to do, it is the combination of smaller factors such as a hot environment that make it a mental battle.

#2: Lots of Sweat

Simply put, prepare to sweat. To be clear, bring a towel and an extra water bottle even after having hydrated the night before. Power yoga is designed to drain everything out of you.

#3: Physically Demanding

Quite obviously, a yoga class is also designed to have you struggle physically. Unique positions and forms make it hard on the body to keep up. Add in the fact that the room is hot and crowded and we see how difficult yoga can be. That said, don't let these factors scare you away from yoga, the feeling of completion after a class is unlike any other.

#4: A Happy Group of People

Last but not least, one thing you will notice from a yoga class is how happy people are before and after a class. This is because yoga allows people to let go of any negative or stressful feelings they have in a way that only makes them happier and healthier.

Now that you know what to expect, check out the Hot Yoga Spot’s schedule to see all of our upcoming power yoga classes in New York, and if you’re new to our studio be sure to take advantage of our new client special!