4 Reasons to Plan Your Yoga Retreat Now

Do you dream of saluting the sun and performing the perfect warrior pose on a soft sand beach? How about attending mindfulness workshops, delving into meditation or finally mastering that bakasana with the sounds of the rainforest in the background? A yoga retreat might be just what you need.

One of the best ways to bring serenity, relaxation and new techniques to your life is by participating in a yoga retreat. You will be able to concentrate on your practice, meet new friends, perfect current skills and master new poses in unique destinations around the world.

Four Reasons to Plan Your Yoga Retreat Now

1.) Start 2018 off on the right foot with a resolution you will actually keep.

If your New Year’s resolution has anything to do with fitness, taking better care of yourself or developing more mindfulness in your life, a retreat will set the tone for the entire year. Yoga retreats typically offer several classes a day, so you’ll have plenty of opportunity to practice and learn from highly skilled instructors, speakers and meditation experts.

2.) Give yourself the gift of an experience you’ll remember instead of a box you’ll misplace.

Retreats take place in unique and beautiful destinations such as Bermuda, Iceland, Costa Rica and many more. You can practice boat pose on the beach or perfect your triangle, tree and warrior beneath mountain peaks and pine-filled forests. The experience of a yoga retreat will be something you remember for a lifetime, and can bring much more joy than more material gifts. Treat yourself to something truly special this holiday season!

3.) Gain positive energy so you can re-charge

Turn off the buzz of technology and day-to-day stress and turn on the flowing energy of chakras and prana. When you take a break from your work, school, or family obligations for a couple days, you give yourself a chance to recharge so you can be your best you. When you sign up for a yoga retreat you’ll have plenty of time to relax. Meals are usually included, your lodging is taken care of, and you’ll have a schedule full of classes and activities to choose from. Put the planning and logistics in our hands, and give yourself the must needed relaxation you need to start 2018 with a fresh mind and new energy!

4.) It’s easy to plan with the Hot Yoga Spot.

At the Hot Yoga Spot, we offer a variety of retreats throughout the year. Whether you’re a beginner, an expert or just want to meditate among friends, the Hot Yoga Spot has the right retreat for you. Our retreats include accommodations, meals and daily yoga classes, workshops, lectures and morning meditation. Give us a call today to plan your next yoga getaway.