4 Mental Benefits of Bikram Yoga

Bikram yoga classes provide opportunities to take part in a challenging and rewarding type of yoga. The experiences result in a number of mental benefits.

Increased Ability to Focus

When people initially enter a Bikram yoga class they can have a non-stop stream of thoughts that may not always be positive. However, they quickly realize that continuing to engage in non-stop thinking can prove near-impossible in that type of environment. This is because the heat and humidity in the room forces the focus to be turned toward the act of breathing and existing in the moment. The positive ramifications of this not only include improved focus during class, but also an improved ability to focus during day to day life. Many also report that if they start off comparing themselves with others in the room, that quickly transitions to solely focusing on themselves as the class progresses, turning their attention inwards.

Reduced Cortisol and Reduced Stress

Bikram yoga has been shown to reduce the amount of cortisol that gets released, which, in most cases, results in reduced stress levels for practitioners. While cortisol is helpful when dealing with stressful situations, too much cortisol is not healthy on a daily basis. It can do things like impair your ability to learn and memorize, reduce the body's immune function, increase blood pressure and cholesterol, result in weight gain and increase the chance of depression. Managing your stress through Bikram yoga can reduce these negative effects of cortisol and help you focus more energy on other healthy habits.

Better Sleep

Few things impact our lives more than sleep. Being able to fall asleep quickly and getting enough quality sleep truly does recharge your batteries for the next day, which impacts every area of your life. It’s hard to show up to work, school, or other responsibilities and perform to your fullest abilities when you’re running on empty. Many find that regularly performing exercise and sticking to a routine helps them fall asleep faster at night, and regulates their sleeping patterns for more quality sleep over time.

More Mental Endurance

As you get more and more comfortable during your Bikram yoga classes, you will start to enjoy another mental benefit: mental endurance. By going to yoga intense classes consistently and becoming stronger against the heat, humidity and movements, you teach your brain that you can get through tough times again and again. This is also a skill that applies to other areas of your life. Whether it’s pushing through a tough project at work with ease, or finding a renewed passion for your long-term goals, Bikram yoga can help train your brain to overcome both physical and mental obstacles.

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