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2018 - A Year In Review

We are so excited about the New Year and all of the new opportunities that 2019 brings for growth in our community and personal development. This is also a perfect chance to reflect on last year and the transformation we experienced as a community in 2018. In addition to our ever growing assortment of classes and offerings, we also accomplished some amazing things together with exciting workshops, powerful fundraisers, new yoga styles and more.

We want to acknowledge all of the great accomplishments of our community in 2018 and say how excited we are for even more change, challenge, improvement and discovery this year. It's pretty amazing to see what people can do when you come together to feel good and do good.

125,957 visits to one of our 5 Capital Region studio locations

6,424 new students tried their first class at The Hot Yoga Spot

Raised more than $10,000 with yoga fundraisers

1721 students in 110 yoga workshops

Approximately 600 yogis celebrated summer with us at two epic outdoor yoga events