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Bikram Yoga

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An Inside Look At Bikram Yoga

Among the All Level yoga sessions The Hot Spot Yoga in New York offers is Bikram yoga, which is a type of hot yoga practice; this means the breathing exercises, poses, and movements in this group fitness class are performed in a heated room, specifically at 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The idea behind hot yoga sessions like this is to help the muscles relax and to increase the participant’s heart rate.

Speaking more specifically, Bikram yoga is considered a denomination of the Hatha yoga type, which is designed to specifically focus on poses and breathing exercises. A typical session utilizes the exact same 26 postures with two specific breathing exercises; this does not change from one class to another, as to allow participants to better gain full body awareness and to feel steady improvements more easily. This sequence of postures was originally designed to systematically exercise every single body part in order to maintain optimal health and overall fitness. While this class is open to all fitness and yoga levels, the hot environment of the studio room may prove to be challenging. If you’re ready to begin, sign up for a class now!

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Detoxify Your Body & Develop Proper Breathing

By participating in The Hot Spot Yoga’s Bikram yoga classes, you are able to better cleanse your body, primarily because of the hot studio room temperature; slowly moving your body through each step in the posture sequence can better allow excessive sweating. However, another major component of this yoga type is the practice of proper breathing techniques, allowing you the chance to control your breath and match it to your body’s movements. Correct breathing is used in day-to-day life, especially when climbing stairs or mountains. Learning proper techniques through Bikram yoga sessions ensures you inhale maximum oxygen, meaning you will not be panting!

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Due to the nature of Bikram yoga studio classes, it can be slightly easier than normal to gage your success and to feel yourself getting stronger and improving — mainly because of the style’s repeated sequences. The Hot Spot Yoga offers several different group fitness classes and yoga classes, so you can find the perfect one for you. No matter what level you consider yourself to be at, we are your go-to location! Get started with us today!

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