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Beginner and All Levels

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What Exactly Is Beginner & All Levels Yoga?

The Hot Yoga Spot team is proud to help the New York community work on their fitness and take part in practicing yoga, with more than 200 weekly classes across five different locations. A few of our classes are labeled as “Beginner Level” or “All Levels,” which means the movements and poses in these classes are welcoming for participants who are unfamiliar with yoga and newer to practicing.

Beginner level yoga classes focus on slow pacing and explanation and description of different poses, so you can learn more about how each movement is helping your body while also performing them yourself. All levels yoga classes tend to be a mixture of yoga poses and other exercises that can be applicable and helpful to everyone, from those who are just starting out to those who are more experienced. These classes tend to focus more on full body awareness, improving techniques and promoting optimal health. Often times our all levels yoga classes will have modifications provided for most of the poses so more beginning level students and those with more experience can each find a variation that is right for them.

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What to Expect at These Yoga Classes

If you’re thinking about starting yoga and are interested in signing up for our classes at The Hot Yoga Spot, let us help by giving you an idea of what to expect. Doing something new if often unfamiliar and a little intimidating but our instructors are welcoming and our beginner and all levels classes will help ease you in.

Both of these classes may focus on foundational breathing exercises and poses, with your instructor having you pay attention to alignment. As both of these class types focus on the fundamentals, you can expect to learn more about how the body feels when performing yoga and how to improve your techniques.

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Is The Hot Yoga Spot Right For You?

As each of the title suggests, Beginner Yoga and All Levels Yoga are ideal group fitness classes for individuals who are just entering the yoga world or beginning to prioritize their health and wellness. If you’re looking to start a new fitness regime, or are curious about different forms of exercise, then a Beginner Yoga class is perfect for you. Hot yoga is also great for you if you have any injuries, chronic pain or other related issues because it can be a great way to alleviate stress in the body and promote overall wellness.

Our yoga studio also welcomes individuals who may have tried yoga in the past and are ready to get back into it. Even if you consider yourself to be more experienced and are regularly attending intermediate hot yoga or advanced yoga, then our all level sessions are perfect for getting back to basics and enhancing your current skills. Try out one of our group fitness classes now!

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