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Make a yoga session reservation by clicking the ‘Get Hot’ button located on the far right of each class listing below. All yoga class reservations require payment. With a reservation, your spot is secured up to five minutes before class begins. Reserving multiple spots? Click here.

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No problem! We accept drop ins for every yoga class or barre workout. To attend a session without a reservation, arrive 15 minutes early to sign up and pay in person.

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The Hot Spot Yoga studio in Saratoga opens 15 minutes before any session starts and the door locks promptly when class begins. To avoid getting locked out and missing class, arrive early.

COVID-19 Regulations

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Browse Our Yoga Sessions For All Levels

Our Hot Spot Yoga location in Saratoga provides a series of weekly yoga classes and barre workouts for students of all fitness levels. If you are a new student, looking into beginning yoga, several of our yoga studio sessions are designed to gently introduce you to this form of exercise. However, if you have a good amount of prior group fitness class experience, our instructors provide intermediate hot yoga and advanced yoga options. Unsure of where exactly you fall on the spectrum? Take a look at our class listings below and browse our call descriptions. Reserve your spot today!

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Explore Different Yoga Classes & Barre Workouts

With several different locations across New York, The Hot Spot Yoga offers both those beginning yoga and experienced individuals a variety of new styles to try. We provide all members of our community the chance to pick and choose what activity level they’d like to participate in. For example, our Baptiste yoga sessions are classified as being at an intermediate hot yoga level, designed to be both accessible and challenging; with this class, you can work on sculpting and toning your body. However, if you’re looking for something different, our Barre Bootcamp is the premier barre workout in the Saratoga area. This group fitness class combines elements from pilates, ballet, sports conditioning, and more to provide high-intensity, low-impact exercise best suited for all fitness levels. Learn more about all the different class styles we offer and learn more about booking your own class today!

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