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Make a yoga session reservation by clicking the ‘Get Hot’ button located on the far right of each class listing below. All yoga class reservations require payment. With a reservation, your spot is secured up to five minutes before class begins. Reserving multiple spots? Click here.

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No problem! We accept drop ins for every yoga class or barre workout. To attend a session without a reservation, arrive 15 minutes early to sign up and pay in person.

Arrive on time.

The Hot Spot Yoga studio in Clifton Park opens 15 minutes before a session starts and the door locks promptly when class begins. To avoid getting locked out and missing class, arrive early.

COVID-19 Regulations

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Take A Look At Our Yoga Classes, Perfect For All Levels

If you’re interested in learning more about The Hot Spot Yoga location in Clifton Park, you’ll be happy to know all of our yoga sessions, barre workouts, and other group fitness classes cater to different levels. If you are just starting out with yoga, or are starting out at a low fitness level, a few of our instructors teach classes designed just for you! If you are at a moderate to high fitness level or are looking to challenge yourself, you can rest assured knowing we have yoga session options for you as well. By browsing our class descriptions, you can see our studio offers everything from classes for those beginning yoga, to intermediate hot yoga, to barre workouts for all fitness levels. You can meet all of our instructors online right now and book a class online!

Find The Perfect Fitness Class For You!

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Get To Know Different Yoga Classes & Barre Workouts

The Clifton Park yoga studio prides itself on offering a variety of fitness styles, teaching classes that keep exercise interesting and challenging. If you’re looking to get more involved in intermediate hot yoga, or just hot yoga in general, our Barkan and Baptiste yoga sessions fit the bill; these both incorporate different movement styles and are taught in a 95 to 100 degree Fahrenheit room to better promote body detoxification. Less intense sessions are available as well, including Vinyasa Flow and Yin Yoga. Perfect for all fitness levels, these group fitness classes are motivating, playful, free-flowing and work on improving circulation and flexibility. Barre Bootcamp is also available, which moves slightly away from yoga and incorporates movements and exercises from ballet, pilates, sports conditioning, yoga, and more. Check out all the different styles we offer and get started with us today!

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